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Ordinary moments can be so relaxing. 

Leftover pasta and stuff all in a yummy salad

Pool time

Lemonade iced tea and a movie 

Resting dogs

Wreath making




A friend turned three

Two of the U.S. Women soccer team players came back “home” for the game against NY. They didn’t play but signed autographs for a lucky few. 

Birthday girl    

Seattle Reign


Happy 4th!

I love the 4th of July! Edmonds parade, BBQ, and this year we went to the fireworks too. 

Much fewer rogue neighbors lighting off things than our old house. That helps the dogs tremendously. And it’s really dry here (drought and wildfires) so the police and government pleaded with people not to light off their own. Thank goodness. 

It was nice for Stephen to be off an extra day and we even took the time to explore a state park we haven’t been to before. We found a downhill hike to Lake Washington and then the dogs could cool off before our trip back up the hill. It’s been record-breaking hot for a month and we could feel it!

Looking forward to a break in the heat wave finally this weekend. 

Fun tiny Polaroids:

Where’s Jackie?


USA women win the World Cup!

Seattle Mariners game with a friend. Several home runs and a grand slam! We left in the 9th inning but didn’t win until the 11th, right after I climbed in bed. :)


Good times with friends

Berry picking with friends

Swimming pool with friends

Yard time

Dinner with a friend I haven’t seen literally in 20 years! She teaches in Korea and was visiting the area. We had dinner one night and then drinks the next night before Stephen and I headed to a concert. 

Rob Thomas concert with friends (and a new dress). 













Big Day in History

Wow. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage legal on all 50 states. Marriage is marriage. Love is love. 

(Me: watching tv…tears of joy!)

As the Seattle mayor said “welcome to the other side of the rainbow” :)

I’m amazed. Astounded. And so happy for so many people- those who want to marry, their children, kids waiting to be adopted but couldn’t be because their waiting parents weren’t considered married in their state, couples who have been together forever, those who want to live and die together. In love. 


Of course all three headlines below are remarkable. Highs and lows (read last post). 





Very sad late breaking news. 

The very same flight plane tour we did in Alaska had a fatal crash today. 

The same tour. Our same tour boat. 

Not sure which pilot it was yet. 

So sad. 


Pray for these people please. 



Not too much happening…

Sunshine, relaxing, kayaking, seeing friends, summer sunsets, (finally) getting a few pictures on our empty walls, roses in the yard, visited the annual art festival and making a few summer plans. 










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