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Happening Lately



Soccer games


…and my nephew graduated!







Outside is calling

It’s finally been above 70 several days in a row which means we could break out the new cushions and relax. These chairs have needed cushions since we got them 2 years ago but we needed to special order them due to size and wanting to match the other cushions. This year in honor of moving to outdoor projects, we but the bullet and ordered. They are every bit as fantastic as I hoped! 

We also found a little metal table at the store on sale and Stephen painted it yellow to match the tiny stripe. (The table was turquoise!). It adds just a pop of color and finally lets me have a drink or book in reachable distance rather than on the ground in danger of being spilled by me or a dog. 

Jackie also got a new toy too. :)





Our external makeover is almost complete!

New windows and paint make a huge difference in our curb appeal. 


 New windows:

New paint:





While I was out

While I was out at a conference in Philadelphia our windows were being replaced. 

So much better. Next is a fresh coat of paint everywhere! It will be grey with white trim. 


In progress/After 

The conference was great. But the art museum there was one of the best I’ve ever been in. 

All of my favorites: Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas and entire rooms and building walls from the 1100s!  An amazing site to see. I was there for 3 hours and still didn’t see it all. 









And my favorite, Degas. The STL Art museum also has one.  

Spent the morning at the aquarium with some little friends. Then a quick stop at a pizza place for lunch before nap time was calling. 

Beautiful day. 












Before and after the pros arrived:










 The tree stump unearthed under blackberry bushes: 





And my favorite- I didn’t even know there was a wall under all the ivy!


Money well spent by not doing this ourselves (a trunkful of yard waste) and with multiple boxes of Kleenex for my allergies. 

New York the end

Central Park

Madison Ave. window shopping

Zabar’s Jewish deli and grocery

Our hotel

Manhattan Skyline

(Not pictured: amazing appetizer cheese at Wine and Roses, and perfect Italian food from Pappardella)










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