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National Dog Day

My furry family!


Round Two

Wembley received the honor of the Real Cone after his eye procedure.

He’s not protesting too much so I’m leaving it on a few extra days just to be sure he won’t re-scratch it. 


Dog Days of Summer

It’s been record breaking hot/warm and drought conditions. And today…humidity. 

Wembley scratched his eye awhile ago and after treating it with antibiotics it wasn’t better So yesterday he had a procedure on his cornea. Poor guy. Soft cone graduated to hard cone. 

And while keeping him comfy and cuddled and taking a break from job searching, I discovered adult coloring books.  It IS calming…but now I want more colors! 

Jackie protected Wembley yesterday as soon as he settled in. 

And it’s Fall at the craft store…

Trying to feel more like this:


Gettin’ Dirty

I spent the better part of an afternoon at Lowe’s twice and spreading mulch. This is just one side of our front yard. Dirty work, but satisfying to see it all look so fresh. 

 From the deck:  
From the ground:

Long view:

Up close:

Stephen also go our new house numbers up:



Quick Trip

The day after my birthday I took a quick trip to The Lou to see a few of my family and friends. 

We had a great BBQ hosted by my brother, and lots of little giggles. 

I got to spend a whole day with my bestie and her family-hanging out at the pool and out for good ravioli and pizza. 

Grandma was able to squeeze me in for a fab session, I saw another old friend or an hour, shopped with my hostess and had lunch with my Dad and stepmom. 

After a week with Stephen in India and multiple trips to the vet, a few days “off” was just what I needed. 

Deep conversations with Grandpa:

Everyone is getting so tall!


Swim Day! 

A favorite tradition, always best in the heat of the summer:



Ordinary moments can be so relaxing. 

Leftover pasta and stuff all in a yummy salad

Pool time

Lemonade iced tea and a movie 

Resting dogs

Wreath making




A friend turned three

Two of the U.S. Women soccer team players came back “home” for the game against NY. They didn’t play but signed autographs for a lucky few. 

Birthday girl    

Seattle Reign


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