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Goodbye Dad

Our last memory.

Dad’s first selfie. Blues game earlier in December. 

Miss you so much already. 


Merry Christmas!

Day after… Hanging around. 

Christmas Eve was light and easy…baked a cake, had antipasto appetizers before church and an early night. 

Christmas Day started with pancakes, then church, and lunch and the afternoon with friends. Couch and tv relaxing time, (where I fell asleep watching a movie per usual).  

Today, I’m working a little, running errands, laundry, putting away presents. Stephen is fixing the fence and outside steps because we discovered neighbor dogs had been visiting us and that didn’t go over so well with our territorial twosome. 

Maybe a movie later. Downtime. We all need it. 

Gary got the patron saint of cooking

Mom got a kindle fire:

Stephen got a headlamp and used it to install a new light fixture:

I got a funny new book:


 Ugly sweater-shirt and making a castle:
Christmas crowns for everyone!

Candy land!


Merry Christmas!


Pre Christmas

Before Christmas I accompanied my mom and stepdad on a quick trip to St. Louis and had a mini Christmas with family. My dad and I even got to have a father-daughter date to the Blues hockey game.I went bowling with friends and saw my grandma too. 

Since then it’s been work, work Christmas party and a little relaxing here and there. 

 80s department party  



Expedia Christmas Party:

My babies getting older:

I’m thankful to be off a few days between Christmas and New Years, and we’ll definitely be taking advantage of the time off! 

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


Very thankful this year to be employed, healthy, and able to host so many people today. 

Last week I had a coworker in town and we headed to the Space Needle for lunch. Always fun. 

This is a view from a window near me at my office. Seattle skyline sunset. 




These babies are 10! Or 70 depending on how you count it :)

Still going strong with a few calamities every now and then. This week it was fleas. First time ever. But because they take monthly flea medicine they couldn’t reproduce, just bite. Still it was No good. Extra flea pill, lots of vacuuming and washing dog blankets and beds. 

Still keeping us on our toes, and snuggling every chance we get. 


The rain subsided and we were able to join our friends for pizza and trick-or-treating. I was an “exotic animal” vet, Erin was Triss from the movie Insurgent, and the girls were a pumpkin and Silvermist fairy. Stephen stayed with Joel and pumpkin to hand out candy while the girls took Silvermist around the block. A great low-key night, with a few pieces of candy at the end. 



Rough Start

Update: No surgery for now!!! 
Though the new job itself if really great so far, my health has been iffy. I had a “cold” and very sore throat/lump for weeks with multiple visits to doctors, lots of medicine and no answer or relief. Finally saw a specialist and he was able to scope it and see an actual growth/lump as the problem. More steroids and I’ll know more next week, such as if I need surgery or not. 

Also during that time I had a bout with a migraine and then 2 more in less than 24 hours which took me to the ER twice overnight. CT scans, EKG, lots of IV medicine, finally pain relief but no answers. The worst pain I’d ever had. Now I have a neurologist and a prescription for “next time” but no answers. It could be caused by a lot of things from not scary (stress) to scary (aneurysm). So we wait for next time. 

Thank goodness for insurance!

I just got back from a week in our London office which was great. Half of my team is there including my manager so it was helpful to see them and really talk things through to keep my work moving. Since I’d been there 8 years ago I didn’t need to see a lot of tourist sights, but did manage a quick visit to Harrods. 

Hopefully I’ll get back again and can spend some more time in the country or Ireland. 

Sign in the tube/subway:

Shopping with a magnificent food court:

Kings Cross station/ St. Pancras church:

Me in a pub after traveling. Had a great steak but no alcohol this trip because of all my medicine. 

Classic buses:

Bakery on the first floor of the office building:

“Fried” cheese ravioli! Not the same as toasted ravioli but a fun attempt. 

Central atrium of our office building in London (ours here is not this funky):

Hallway and ping pong table:

Conference rooms:

Sign made of old cell phones!


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