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Good times with friends

Berry picking with friends

Swimming pool with friends

Yard time

Dinner with a friend I haven’t seen literally in 20 years! She teaches in Korea and was visiting the area. We had dinner one night and then drinks the next night before Stephen and I headed to a concert. 

Rob Thomas concert with friends (and a new dress). 













Big Day in History

Wow. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage legal on all 50 states. Marriage is marriage. Love is love. 

(Me: watching tv…tears of joy!)

As the Seattle mayor said “welcome to the other side of the rainbow” :)

I’m amazed. Astounded. And so happy for so many people- those who want to marry, their children, kids waiting to be adopted but couldn’t be because their waiting parents weren’t considered married in their state, couples who have been together forever, those who want to live and die together. In love. 


Of course all three headlines below are remarkable. Highs and lows (read last post). 





Very sad late breaking news. 

The very same flight plane tour we did in Alaska had a fatal crash today. 

The same tour. Our same tour boat. 

Not sure which pilot it was yet. 

So sad. 


Pray for these people please. 



Not too much happening…

Sunshine, relaxing, kayaking, seeing friends, summer sunsets, (finally) getting a few pictures on our empty walls, roses in the yard, visited the annual art festival and making a few summer plans. 










Our arrival in Sesttle went smoothly, and we picked up our furry friends in the afternoon. 

Here are a few additional photos of daily itineraries, cruise summary, on board photos, and postcards. 














Our final full day was spent at sea until about 5pm and then we docked in Canada for a quick evening. Because Stephen and I have been there before we didn’t schedule anything and instead walked around the city, found a great little bar, shopped and then went back aboard. Mom and Gary went on a garden tour, but not the main garden they’re famous for, so we’ll have to go back. From here there are ferry rides to the island so it’s pretty easy. 

Before we docked I attended the behind the scenes chat and tour with the stage performers, and the final show with winners of the dance classes, walked the decks and enjoyed the sun.  

Performer Q&A :

They are on board 8 months and this was their last day!




View from stage of audience:












Empress Hotel and harbor:


Parliament building:




Churchill bar:



Traveling Matt!


Kids store-obviously hockey is popular here!




Goodnight Canada!

Another early day! We had reservations for a seaplane tour of the Misty Fjords area. I’m not a fan of heights and I’m ok on airplanes, but I was nervous. We had the owner as our pilot and he was a little rough around the edges, but friendly. Our plane was small, seated about 10 people and everyone had a window. One person even sat in the co-pilot seat. I felt safer with the owner as pilot, and take off was a breeze, until we hit some turbulence. NOT a fan! The plane shook a little and dipped and my stomach was on a roller coaster. It didn’t last very long and the pilot told us we had great weather or it would be worse. Gulp. He took our camera for a few shots while we were flying!

He told us a lot about the trees and the deforestation and reforestation and how good it has been for the trees. It’s really interesting and quite a gamble to make because it takes so long for the new trees to grow to know if it was a good decision. 

We landed in the “punch bowl” and it was beautiful. We got to get out on the floats and no one fell in (though he said once a day someone does). Then we got back in and flew around looking for bears and goats before making our way back.

In the city we shopped, looked in old houses now shops that used to be a red light district for the gold miners with some crime areas, and stopped for the best salmon fish and chips ever! 

Back on the boat again we went to a talk with the Captain, later the formal night and last stage show. 



During the scary part:


Pilot’s view:






Mid flight landing:   






Back in the city:



Tiny drizzle today:









Formal night:




Ice sculpture:


Last show:



Our towel monkey turned into Yoda:


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